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Buy Our Universal Adapter For All Your Households’ Laptops

March 5th, 2012

For the household that owns many different laptops it can be convenient to just have one Universal Laptop Charger to charge their batteries. Different makes of laptop will require different size tips that connect into the laptop DC socket. A Universal Laptop Adapter comes with a selection of tips that can be swapped depending on the make of the laptop.

The tips will provide a suitable charger for Sony, Toshiba, Acer, HP and many more. If you have a lot of different laptops and kids who keep breaking or losing their chargers, it can be expensive to keep replacing them all the time. This solution means you can just buy one adapter that will power numerous different makes of laptop.

This great solution comes with a 12 month warranty and includes a free power cord. Perfect for when you need to replace a faulty charger or just to have as a back up just in case. Visit Laptop Power UK and search for our Universal laptop charger if you want this to arrive on a next day delivery.

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Universal Power Supplies – Adaptable laptop chargers for all laptops

April 3rd, 2011

We at Laptop Power UK always consider the best option for a Laptop Charger to be a bespoke unit purpose built for your laptop. It is inherently stronger as it does not have removable tips and you will not end up losing the tip that plugs into your laptop. However some people do prefer the adaptability of a Universal Laptop Adapter. This charger comes with a selection of all the common charger tips allowing you to select the correct one whatever laptop you are using. Whilst there is always the danger this may fall off and become lost it can be great as a Laptop Power Supply for all of the laptops in your household.

With different power options you can successfully and safely power the smallest netbook with our Universal Netbook Laptop Charger or the biggest notebooks with our Universal 90W Laptop Charger. If you take you laptop with you on your daily business you might like a slimmer version to allow you to carry it in your bag that bit easier. If so, we also have a Universal 90W Slimline Laptop Adaptor. For the adaptable option to powering your laptop visit Laptop Power UK

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Netbook Universal Power Supplies – One solution for all your netbooks

March 13th, 2011

As far as simplicity goes, buying a Universal Adapter is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get a Laptop Power Supply that will meet the needs of your netbook. The netbook is a lot smaller than a full sized laptop and so it requires less power to run and to charger the battery. The Universal Charger is smaller in size and its power output. As a netbook is cheaper than a laptop, lots of families have more than one. They are great for younger children to allow them to do their school work on whilst not being too expensive.

If you have more than one netbook in your family, the Universal Netbook Laptop Adapter will successfully power a broad range of different makes and models. This is because it will come with a selection of tips that can be interchanged depending on the model of netbook you want to power at the time. This includes HP Mini X110 Chargers, HP Mini 2140 Chargers or Acer Aspire One G5 UMPC Chargers. With one purchase you can save on buying a separate charger for each of your netbooks or even have this one as a back up should any of the chargers that came with the laptop fail.

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Universal Laptop AC Adapter – The universal solution for your Netbook

December 5th, 2010

Your netbook machine gives you the freedom to access the internet when you are on the move. They are designed to be Lightweight and portable but when your Universal Charger breaks they are rendered useless. There is however an affordable and practical solution from Laptop-Power UK. Our universal laptop charger comes with a selection of interchangeable tips allowing you to select the correct one for your particular netbook. If you have more than one in your household or work then you can use just one Notebook charger to charge all your machines.

At only £28.99 this affordable and practical solution could even be used as a spare at your office, or anywhere you frequently visit. Small in size it could even be kept as a back up in your laptop bag. We know how annoying it can be when you cannot use your netbook. Never be without the power you need again with a Replacement Universal Charger from Laptop Power UK.

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