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Samsung LTN156AT02 Replacement Laptop Screens

June 28th, 2012

You can tell the make of your Laptop Screen in seconds by simply removing it from your laptop. Other than the obvious branding stickers on the back of the laptop screen, there will be a part number which indicates the name of manufacturer, type of screen and size of screen. These details are normally found on or near the green electronics board on the back o the screen.

You can tell if you have a Samsung Laptop Screen by he first three letters of the part number. A Samsung laptop screen part number always begins with the letters LTN. The next three digits tell you the size of the screen in inches, diagonally from top corner to bottom corner. Numbers 156 mean the screen is a 15.6″ panel. The remaining digits indicate the type of screen, so a Samsung LTN156AT02 Laptop Screen is a Samsung 15.6″ LED laptop screen.

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Get A Samsung Screen For Your Laptop

April 11th, 2012

A Samsung laptop will usually have a Samsung Laptop Screen as standard. This makes sense because as Samsung are manufacturing their own laptop screens it is cheaper for them to fit their own panels as opposed to buying them in from other companies. Most of the other big names such as HP, Toshiba or Sony do not make their own Laptop Screens but instead use one of the major screen manufacturers such as Chunghwa or AU Optronics.

This means that the laptop screen used in your laptop may be used in many different makes and models of laptop. Essentially you have a universal laptop screen with a high level of compatibility for all makes of laptop. If you want to replace your Samsung LTN156AT01 Laptop Screen then you can either replace it like for like or you can purchase a compatible replacement. You will not sacrifice quality by purchasing from a different manufacturer as the technology is advanced and all are of the highest standard. Visit Laptop Power UK to buy your exact replacement or use our vast database to opt for for one of the compatible replacements available.

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Samsung Netbook Laptop Screen Replacements

January 2nd, 2012

Netbooks are small and inexpensive and are built to a minimum cost. The cost of replacement parts therefore is relatively cheap too. This also includes the Replacement Laptop Screen which can be bought and replaced with ease and at a minimum cost. One of the great things about replacing a Samsung Netbook Screen is the ease of which it can be done. Have a look at our Laptop Screen Replacement Guide for the simple procedure to complete this task with the least effort.

The Samsung N150 Laptop Screen for instance can simply be removed and replaced should you have a cracked screen or if you have developed a technical fault which prevents the panel from displaying an image properly. Visit Laptop Power UK to find your specific replacement laptop screen from out huge range. All of our laptop screens are dispatched the same day when ordered before 3pm and will arrive the very next working day!

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Will A Large 17.3″ Laptop Screen Cost A Fortune?

November 24th, 2011

For people with large, expensive laptops, the worry if something breaks is that the replacement parts will also cost a small fortune. Is this true with a 17.3″ Laptop Screen? In some cases, yes it will be. It all depends on where you shop for your laptop parts. Going to a high street store or to a laptop manufacturer will see you paying far more than if you shop around. As Laptop Power UK can source replacement laptop screens direct from the manufacturer we can pass our savings on to you.

With prices around £70 for a Samsung LTN173KT01 Screen you can’t go wrong. When you have a large, good quality laptop you will want the best parts to repair it and this is exactly what you will find at Laptop Power UK. All of our Samsung Laptop Panels come with a 1 year guarantee which is proof of the high standards we set. They are all brand new, direct from the manufacturer and you can even find Laptop Screen Fitting Instructions on our website to help you do it at home and save even more money.

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Samsung Netbook Replacement Screens

November 18th, 2011

There is nice range of Samsung Netbooks on the market these days. They usually come with lots of different models, all of which have different specifications such as different sized hard drives and different processors. This allows the customer to choose exactly what they want from their netbook in terms of performance and also what fits in to their budget. Some things will be the same throughout the model range though – things such as the Samsung Screen. Fitted into a wide range of models it is an easier job to replace than you may think.

Just visit and do a search for your model of laptop if you need to find a replacement Samsung N130 Replacement Laptop Screen. The results displayed show you the resolution and other information to allow you to compare to your old specifications. In all instances, the replacement panel from us will exactly match those of the faulty or damaged panel you are looking to replace and with next working day delivery you can repair your laptop fast.

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Samsung Favour An LED Screen In Their Laptops – Find Your Replacement at Laptop Power UK

November 6th, 2011

Samsung tend to favour putting an LED Laptop Screen into their laptops. There are definite benefits to using an LED panel as opposed to the older CCFL screens. Some of these benefits include a lower power consumption leading to improved battery life, cheaper replacement prices and improved visual quality. At the moment, with retail prices low for replacement Samsung Laptop Screens you may never have seen prices so cheap.

With the improved visuals and lower power consumption, you may even have selected your laptop based on the type of screen held inside. Now, if you need a replacement Samsung RV510 Screen you can come to Laptop Power UK for a perfect quality brand new replacement that is fantastic value. It could mean the difference between you recycling your laptop and buying a new one or repairing your old faithful machine to full working order.

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Samsung R70 Laptop Screen And Fitting Instructions

October 18th, 2011

With many people looking to make savings in all areas, more and more people are looking to repair their laptop themselves instead of taking it for an expensive repair at the local computer shop. This makes perfect sense as the charges can be quite steep and it is also relatively simple to achieve on your own. All you need to achieve this is access to Laptop Power UK’s website and the information regarding your laptop model.

With a search function that allows you to enter the model number of your Samsung Laptop Screen and then the correct Replacement Laptop Screen will be displayed. You will also be able to see our Laptop Screen Fitting Instructions which give you the step by step process to removing the panel and installing the new one. You can have a brand new Samsung R70 Laptop Screen tomorrow with all orders placed before 3pm.

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Samsung N210 Screen Replacement – High Resolution LED Netbook Screens

July 6th, 2011

High resolution Netbook Screens are the order of the day when it comes to small laptops. The higher the resolution the better the display will be, however it must be the same resolution as the laptop originally came with or else the image will not display correctly. The resolution on the Samsung N210 Laptop Screen is 1024 x 600. Screen resolutions come with lettered abbreviations also, so this particular resolution is known as a WSVGA resolution.

If you would like to find out the resolution of your laptop screen, there are some websites that you can visit which detect the resolution your laptop screen is displaying at. You can use this when looking for a replacement to make sure you have the correct panel and also that there will not be any compatibility issues.

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Samsung R530 Screen Replacement – Hi quality LED screens from Laptop Power UK

May 17th, 2011

The best technology in the Laptop Screen market today is the LED screen. This gives you the best picture quality available and a more vivid experience when playing games or watching films. To get your hands on a brand new Samsung Screen Replacement is not a task you should approach with trepidation as it is something hundreds of people do each and every day with success.

The stand out feature of an LED screen is the simple connector it has. It is connected using only one single ribbon cable which provides the power and data it needs to works. Your Samsung R530 Screen is this LED laptop screen and gives you the best viewing experience. Laptop Power UK only sell the best quality screens so you do not have to worry about missing pixels or any quality problems. Just plug in and play.

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Samsung R530 Screen Replacement – Fully tested brand new LED screens

May 2nd, 2011

The Samsung R Series of laptops is made with a nice bright, wide screen LED panel. With this improved technology on board you will experience improved viewing for the multimedia you enjoy on your laptop. DVD’s and on line TV will seem that much clearer, sharper and gernerally give you a better experience all round compared to older CCFL screens.

Laptop Power UK are the leading supplier of both these types of Replacement Laptop Screen and in particular, the highest quality LED screens at a very good price. Your Samsung R530 Laptop Screen utilises this LED 15.6″ panel and can be yours the very next day. Each of our Laptop screens are shipped with a next working day courier to arrive with you in pristine condition and in record time. Need help fitting it? Take a look at our Laptop Screen Fitting Instructions!

As our screens are fully tested you can be certain that when you receive it and install it, you will not have the inconvenience of having to return it to us due to the likes of a missing pixel. Each and every panel is brand new and in perfect condition – or your money back

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