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Samsung Laptop chargers – A quality brand you can trust

Samsung Laptop Chargers – A quality brand you can trust                                 

 Samsung R505-FA03UK – competitively priced without compromising performance

Samsung is a famous, worldwide electronic brand known for producing a high quality range of electric goods.Samsung aren’t specifically famed for producing the very best laptops however whatever electronic device that has Samsungs name on it you can rest assured it is modern and fashionable, technologically advanced and most importantly, the very best quality. 

The Samsung R505-FA03UK has a sleek, durable and lightweight silver chassis, making it easily transportable and excellent for those wishing to carry their laptops with them while on business or for personal reasons.With a modest weight of 2.7kg you won’t feel like your laptops a heavy burden while on your travels.It offers the perfect balance of performance, style and value.It features the powerful AMD Athlon X2 QL-62 (Dual Core) Mobile Processor (2 GHz, 1 MB cache),which delivers superior system performance, while a sufficient 4GB of RAM ensures even the most demanding programmes can be run smoothly and efficiently.Consisting of a generous 320 GB Hard Drive,it gives you an adequate amount of storage space for all your pictures, videos, documents and software.The 15.4-inch Super Bright Gloss widescreen TFT display provides up to 30% more viewing area than traditional screens and delivers picture perfect quality images.The Samsung R505-FA03UK is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a stylish, premium class laptop at an affordable price that doesn’t make you feel like you are compromising on anything.

For those that travel on business throughout most the year or take regular long journeys to destinations far away, it’s essential your laptop remains charged.You could make that long, monotonous journey productive and kill time by working as you travel.Many of today’s travel services such as Virgin Trains give customers a chance to plug in their laptops providing them with the perfect opportunity to get some work done.Laptop Power UK supplies a wide range of battery chargers for laptops and replacement laptop power adapters including the Samsung nc10 adapter and the Samsung q45 power adapter.All our products come with 12 months warranty so you can be assured our chargers are of the highest quality and are competitively priced.With Laptop Power UK’s dispatch industry times being at a record low,within a few clicks you can make those long boring journeys more enjoyable and productive while keeping your laptop fully functional.

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