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How to avoid confusion between a faulty laptop charger and a broken DC socket

The most obvious sign that you have a broken DC socket as opposed to a faulty laptop charger is if someone remembers or owns up to tripping up over the laptop adapter wire. Falling over the laptop power supply wire and pulling the laptop charger forcibly out of the laptop is by far the most common way that a laptop dc socket gets broken.

It is worth also physically inspecting the laptop power cable itself. Common problems are a broken laptop adapter tip, frayed wires, a power LED light that is no longer coming on, and of course a charger that is not giving the correct power output if tested on a multi-meter.

If you are a resident of Liverpool that Laptop Power UK will be able to repair your faulty laptop DC socket in our flagship laptop repair store in Liverpool Hunts Cross. If you come to conclusion that you need a replacement laptop charger, then you can be safe in the knowledge that you are dealing with the world’s largest stockist of original OEM laptop adapters. Our sales staff are the most knowledgeable on the planet when it comes to solving laptop power problems so when you are ready give us a call and put us to the test.

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