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IBM Laptops Prefer LED Screens

March 1st, 2012

IBM prefer to use the 15.6″ LED Laptop Screen in many of their laptop models. There are advantages of having an LED screen. The colour and contrast is deemed to be better giving you an all round better quality image. It also requires less power and so is a little greener and needs less battery power to run the laptop. The older CCFL IBM Laptop Screens are now a thing of the past, indeed the manufacturers of these panels are now stopping CCFL panel manufacturing altogether. This means that in the future as supplies dwindle, the CCFL panel will become harder and more expensive to source.

Unfortunately you cannot swap a CCFL panel for an LED panel so if you you currently need a new LED IBM Thinkpad L510 Screen you are in luck. With prices at an all time low, you can save a lot of money by purchasing the replacement for a damaged display from Laptop Power UK and fitting it yourself. We have a large range of screens in stock for all makes and models of laptop.

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Lenovo R61i Screen Replacement – You are in luck as you have found the best

May 4th, 2011

If you are looking for a Lenovo R61i Laptop Screen Replacement you are in luck as you need one of the most common Laptop Screens available in recent years. As this particular 15.4″ laptop display panel is so common, the prices are extremely competitive. You do not have an obscure model that is going to take an age to source. One quick visit to Laptop Power UK will ensure you have your new laptop screen in the post to you that very day if ordered before 3pm.

Lenovo Laptop Display Panels vary in size and specification but no matter, we have listed many models for you to just simply type in yours and the correct screen will be displayed. So to replace a cracked or damaged laptop screen, give Laptop Power UK a call or shop on-line and yours will be with you in no time at all. Perfect quality laptop screens at an all time low price.

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IBM Lenovo Ideapad Screen Replacements – What to know when finding a replacement

April 15th, 2011

A Replacement Laptop Screen will come in two different types. A CCFL version and LED version. The CCFL version is now being phased out in favour of LED Screen technology. The CCFL laptop screen is distinguishable by the inverter connector that comes out of the bottom of the screen. The connection to your laptop inverter gives the power to the backlighting on  your screen allowing you to see the image. The LED screen does not require this same backlighting power.

When looking for an IBM Lenovo Ideapad Screen Replacement you can find out a couple of details beforehand to help you in your search. Firstly the model number of your laptop. Find this printed somewhere on the base of the laptop usually. Secondly find the type of screen or compatible part number. This can only be done by removing the laptop screen so if you are intending to fit your new screen yourself you will need to do this step anyway. For help with this process see our Laptop Screen Fitting Instructions.

The reason you need to find out which type of screen you have is because you cannot interchange a CCFL screen and an LED screen. The technology is different and in not cross compatible. Once you have access to the laptop screen you will see a ribbon cable connecting into the back of the screen. All laptop display panels have this. If this is the only connector, you have an LED screen. If there is also the previously mentioned inverter connector too you have the CCFL version.

So much like replacing anything else all you need to do is find out a couple of small details about which part you actually need and the rest is easy.

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IBM Lenovo Laptop Screens – Bring your IBM back up to standard

March 24th, 2011

A laptop is used not only for work purposes such as Word processing and answering your emails but for entertainment allowing you to watch TV online, play games and DVD’s. Without a functioning Laptop Display Panel you will not be able to do all of these things properly or you may just connect your laptop to an external monitor or your TV. This is not ideal though as the whole point of having a laptop is to be able to use it as a portable device. Restore your laptops’ portability with a brand new Laptop Screen from Laptop Power UK.

With most laptop screens being easy to fit (these are some trickier models) you can repair one yourself at home. For a very reasonable price you can order an IBM Lenovo G560 Laptop Screen, IBM Lenovo Ideapad S9E Laptop Screen or IBM Lenovo 3000 Laptop Screen to be delivered the next working day. As one of the easier laptop repairs to do, you can successfully fit the Replacement Laptop Screen yourself thus saving on any repair costs. Even better when you are looking to save money but still end up with a top quality laptop screen.

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IBM Laptop Screen Problems – Get the part to fix your Laptop Screen Problems

January 12th, 2011

Without your Laptop Screen, you will not be able to use your laptop properly. You may have hooked it up to an external monitor to get by, but the whole reason you have a laptop is because it is portable. Fix your Broken Laptop Screen and use your laptop as it was designed. Perhaps you need an IBM Lenovo Laptop Screen or IBM Ideapad Laptop Screen.  As we specialise in replacing Faulty Laptop Screens we are fine tuned in providing just the product you require.

Amongst some of the screens we stock is IBM Ideapad S10 Screens, IBM Ideapad S9 Atom Screens, IBM Lenovo T60 Screens and IBM Lenovo N100 Screens. A full list is available on our website so when you need a brand new – perfect quality Laptop Screen try us first. We are sure you cannot beat the quality and price and will recommend us to your friends and family. Visit

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IBM Laptop Screen Replacement – Get your damaged screen replaced quickly and easily.

January 3rd, 2011

Laptop Power UK is one of the UK’s biggest sellers of Replacement Laptop Screens. We only sell the best quality, brand new Laptop Display Panels to both the UK market and abroad. If you need an IBM Laptop Screen Replacement then we will have the item you need. From older IBM Lenovo 11P8310 Laptop Screens to more modern IBM Lenovo T60 Laptop Screens our stock ensures we can dispatch from our warehouse the same day an order is placed.

Your screen will come in our specially designed reinforced packaging with a foam protector. You will also be covered under our warranty for any transit damage although this happens extremely rarely. Once you have received your new IBM Ideapad S10 Laptop Screen or IBM Lenovo Z60 Laptop Screen you can set about replacing it. Our website shows you step by step instructions from carefully removing the plastic screen bezel and removing the old screen, to fitting the new IBM Laptop Panel into the screen hinges. Visit today to source your new IBM Laptop Display Screen.

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