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IBM Lenovo

IBM Lenovo

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IBM Lenovo Replacement screens – Both CCFL and LED laptop screens supported

Laptop Power UK support a comprehensive range of replacement laptop screens for IBM Lenovo models. Within this range of laptops both CCFL Laptop Screens and the latest LED technology screens are supported.IBM have been one of the pioneers in adopting LED screens into their laptops. There are two main benefits to an IBM laptop screen with LED backlit technology: (1) It requires less power and so provides longer battery running time and (2) It provides sharper contrasts and better viewing angles.

Got Lines on your Screen? - Then you need a new one

If you have a CCFL IBM screen in your laptop, then you will unfortunately not be able to upgrade to an LED screen, you must replace IBM laptops screens with like for like. If your existing screen has become cracked, or has vertical or horizontal lines across it, then a replacement panel is likely to solve your problem. Laptop Power UK stock the majority of laptop screens. We advise caution however for customers whose complaint is that their IBM screen appears dim. Nine times out of ten this is a problem with the laptop inverter and not with your laptop screen. In such cases it is advisable to replace the former part first and if this fails then purchase a replacement IBM LCD laptop screen from Laptop Power UK.

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