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Advent 7000 Screen


The Advent 7000 laptop is manufactured with various screen sizes and resolutions. Please carefully select the correct screen from the list of two screens below. If you require any technical assistance please call our sales team on 0845 257 7745 who will be glad to help.

ImageFitting Instructions
Size (Diagonal) 15.0"
EAN Number 5053070146401
Resolution 1024x768 (XGA)
Aspect Ratio Standard (4:3)
Surface Matte
Backlight 1 CCFL
Internal Stock Code CAS3
Sorry, this product is out of stock
Price (Ex. VAT) £28.00
Postage (Ex. VAT) £4.16
VAT £6.43
Total Price Delivered £38.59

Compatible part numbers:

AU Optronics: B150XG01, B150XG01 V.2, B150XG01 V.7, B150XG01 V.8, B150XG02, B150XG02 V.1, B150XG02 V.2, B150XG02 V.3, B150XG02 V.4, B150XG02 V.5, B150XG03, B150XG05, B150XG05 V.1, B150XG05 V.2, B150XG06 V.1, B150XG07, B150XG07 V.1, B150XG07 V.2, B150XG07 V.3, B150XG07 V.5, B150XG07 V.6, B150XG07 V.7, B150XG08, B150XG08 V.2, B150XN01, B150XN03

Chi Mei: N150X1, N150X1-L02, N150X1-L03, N150X2, N150X2-L01 Rev.C2, N150X3, N150X3-L03, N150X3-L05, N150X3-L05 Rev.C1, N150X3-L05 Rev.C2, N150X3-L07 Rev.C1, N150X3-L07 Rev.C3, N150X3-L07 Rev.C4, N150X3-L08, N150X3-L08 Rev.C1, N150X3-L08 Rev.C2, N150X3-L09, N150X3-L09 Rev.C1, N150X4-L01, N150X4-L04, N150X6-L01, N150X6-L01, N150X6-L01 Rev.C2

Chunghwa: CLAA150XH-1, CLAA150XH01, CLAA150XH01 (030), CLAA150XH01 rev 3, CLAA150XH01-A, CLAA150XH01N, CLAA150XH03

HannStar: HSD150PX11, HSD150PX11-B, HSD150PX11-C, HSD150PX13, HSD150PX13-A, HSD150PX14, HSD150PX15, HSD150PX15-A, HSD150PX16, HSD150PX16-A, HSD150PX17, HSD150PX17-A, HSD150PX17-B, HSD150PX19-A, HSD150PX1A

LG Philips: LP150X04, LP150X04 (A2), LP150X04 (A2M1), LP150X04 (A4), LP150X04 (B2), LP150X04 (B2M1), LP150X04 (C2), LP150X04 (D2), LP150X04 (E2), LP150X04 (E2)(M1), LP150X05, LP150X05 (A2), LP150X08 (A3K6) , LP150X08 (A5), LP150X08 (A5)(N1), LP150X08 (B3), LP150X08 (TL)(A1), LP150X08 (TL)(A2), LP150X08 (TL)(A4), LP150X08 (TL)(A6), LP150X08 (TL)(A7), LP150X08 (TL)(A8), LP150X08 (TL)(A9), LP150X08 (TL)(AA), LP150X08 (TL)(AC), LP150X09, LP150X09 (A3), LP150X09 (A3)(K1), LP150X09 (A5), LP150X09 (A5)(K1), LP150X09 (A5)(K2), LP150X09 (B2), LP150X09 (B2), LP150X09 (B3), LP150X09 (B3)(K1), LP150X09 (B5), LP150X09 (B5)(K1), LP150X09 (B5)(K5), LP150X09 (B5)(K6), LP150X09 (B5)(K7), LP150X09 (B5)(K8), LP150X1, LP150X1 (B2AR), LP150X1 (C2QT), LP150X1 (E2SO), LP150X1 (F21B), LP150X1 (F2IB), LP150X1 (G2CP), LP150X1 (H2SO), LP150X1 (J2QT), LP150X10, LP150X10 (A2), LP150X10 (A3)(K2), LP150X2 (A2), LP150X2 (A2)(C4), LP150X2 (A2)(M7), LP150X2 (A2)(P5), LP150X2 (A2)(P6), LP150X2 (A2C4), LP150X2 (A2DL), LP150X2 (A2M1), LP150X2 (C2)

Quanta: QD15XL04, QD15XL04 Rev.02, QD15XL04 Rev.03, QD15XL04 Rev.04, QD15XL05, QD15XL06, QD15XL06 Rev.01, QD15XL06 Rev.02, QD15XL06 Rev.03, QD15XL06 Rev.04, QD15XL09, QD15XL09 Rev.02, QD15XL09 Rev.04

Samsung: LT150X04, LT150X1, LT150X1-101, LT150X1-102, LT150X1-131, LT150X1-151, LT150X2-122, LT150X2-124, LT150X3, LT150X3-122, LT150X3-124, LT150X3-126, LT150X3-128, LT150X3-130, LT150X3-132, LT150X3-134, LT150XM-151, LTN150X3, LTN150X4, LTN150X4-L01, LTN150X6, LTN150X6-L01, LTN150X6-L02, LTN150X6-L06, LTN150XB, LTN150XB-L01, LTN150XB-L02, LTN150XB-L03, LTN150XC, LTN150XC-L01, LTN150XD, LTN150XD-L01, LTN150XD-L02, LTN150XD-L03, LTN150XE, LTN150XE-L01, LTN150XF-L03, LTN150XF-L04, LTN150XG, LTN150XG-L01, LTN150XG-L02, LTN150XG-L03, LTN150XG-L04, LTN150XG-L05, LTN150XG-L06, LTN150XG-L07, LTN150XG-L08

Sharp: LQ150X1, LQ150X1LA02, LQ150X1LBA2, LQ150X1LBE4, LQ150X1LBE5, LQ150X1LBE8, LQ150X1LBH3, LQ150X1LBK3, LQ150X1LBS2, LQ150X1LBS3, LQ150X1LH3B, LQ150X1LH60, LQ150X1LH62, LQ150X1LH63, LQ150X1LH66, LQ150X1LH82, LQ150X1LH93, LQ150X1LHA2, LQ150X1LHC3, LQ150X1LHC3 A, LQ150X1LHC3 B, LQ150X1LHS2, LQ150X1LS91, LQ150X1LS94, LQ150X1LW14, LQ150X1LW71, LQ15X01, LQ15X05

ImageFitting Instructions
Size (Diagonal) 14.1"
EAN Number 5053070146418
Resolution 1280x800 (WXGA)
Aspect Ratio Wide (16:10)
Surface Glossy
Backlight 1 CCFL
Internal Stock Code CAS14
Sorry, this product is out of stock
Price (Ex. VAT) £37.50
Postage (Ex. VAT) £4.16
VAT £8.33
Total Price Delivered £49.99

Compatible part numbers:

AU Optronics: B141EW01, B141EW01 V.0, B141EW01 V.1, B141EW01 V.2, B141EW01 V.3, B141EW01 V.4, B141EW01 V.5, B141EW01 V.6, B141EW02, B141EW02 V.1, B141EW02 V.3, B141EW02 V.4, B141EW03, B141EW03 V.0, B141EW03 V.1, B141EW03 V.2, B141EW03 V.3, B141EW03 V.4, B141EW03 V.5, B141EW04, B141EW04 V.3, B141EW04 V.4, B141EW04 V.5, B141EW04 V.7, B141EW04 V.8

Chi Mei: N141i1-L01, N141I1-L02 REV.C1, N141i1-L04 Rev.C1, N141i1-L06, N141i1-L06 Rev.C1, N141i1-L08 Rev.C1, N141i3, N141i3-L01, N141i3-L02, N141i3-L02 Rev.C1, N141i3-L05

Chunghwa: CLAA141WB02, CLAA141WB02-A, CLAA141WB03, CLAA141WB05-A, CLAA141WB05A

HannStar: HSD141PW11-A, HSD141PW11-B

LG Philips: LP141WX1 (TL)(01), LP141WX1 (TL)(02), LP141WX1 (TL)(03), LP141WX1 (TL)(04), LP141WX1 (TL)(05), LP141WX1 (TL)(06), LP141WX1 (TL)(A1), LP141WX1 (TL)(A2), LP141WX1 (TL)(A5), LP141WX1 (TL)(B1), LP141WX1 (TL)(B2), LP141WX1 (TL)(B4), LP141WX1 (TL)(C1), LP141WX1 (TL)(C2), LP141WX1 (TL)(C4), LP141WX1 (TL)(E1), LP141WX1 (TL)(E3), LP141WX1 (TL)(E5), LP141WX1 (TL)(E6), LP141WX1-TL01, LP141WX3 (TL)(A1), LP141WX3 (TL)(A4), LP141WX3 (TL)(A5), LP141WX3 (TL)(B1), LP141WX3 (TL)(B3), LP141WX3 (TL)(B4), LP141WX3 (TL)(N1), LP141WX3 (TL)(N1)-AG, LP141WX3 (TL)(N2), LP141WX3 (TL)(P1)

Quanta: QD14TL01, QD14TL01 Rev.01, QD14TL01 Rev.02, QD14TL01 Rev.03, QD14TL01 Rev.04, QD14TL01 Rev.05, QD14TL01 Rev.07, QD14TL02 REV.01, QD14TL02 Rev.02, QD14TL02 Rev.05, QD14TL02 Rev.06

Samsung: LTN141AT03, LTN141AT02, LTN141AT02-001, LTN141AT03-1, LTN141AT03-101, LTN141AT03-401, LTN141AT04, LTN141W1, LTN141W1-L01, LTN141W1-L02, LTN141W1-L03, LTN141W1-L04, LTN141W1-L04-AG, LTN141W1-L04-G, LTN141W1-L04-G, LTN141W1-L05, LTN141W1-L06, LTN141W1-L08, LTN141W1-L0B, LTN141W3-L01, LTN141W3-L01, LTN141W3-L01-AG

Sharp: LQ141K1LB1C, LQ141K1LH5A

Selecting The Suitable Advent 7000 Replacement Screen

The repalcement screen(s) listed above are correct for your Advent 7000 laptop. Some laptops have multiple screen variations, this should be reflected in the above list if it is the case. Please ensure that the screen you order matches the screen which is currently installed in your Advent laptop for full compatibility.

The attributes which need to be checked are;

  • the screen finish - matt or gloss
  • the backlight type - CCFL or LED
  • the screen size - may vary
  • the screen resolution - may vary on some 7000 laptops
  • the connection location - varies on some Advent models

As mentioned above, please make sure that these match the screen which is being removed from your existing Advent 7000 laptop. If you are in any doubt you can contact our technical support helpline on 0845 257 7745 who will be  happy to help  ensure you have the right Advent laptop replacement screen.

When To Replace A Screen On A Advent Laptop

The two most likely reasons to replace the display screen on your Advent 7000 laptop are if the screen is cracked or when the screen is displaying horizontal or vertical lines that should not be there.

If your Advent 7000 laptop screen is dim, it is more likely that the issue is with the invertor and not with the screen, in which case we suggest contacting your local computer repair shop.

Replacing A Screen On A Advent 7000 Laptop

The vast majority of customers are able to follow our step by step instructions on installing a replacement screen in a Advent 7000 laptop. All you should need is a small screwdriver, and the installation usually takes about 20 minutes.

Our 12 Month Warranty

All of our Advent replacement screens are produced to the highest quality and come with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty.

How to check if your replacement Advent screen is CCFL or LED

You can only tell whether you need a CCFL screen or LED screen once you have removed the panel from the Advent laptop. There are no distinguishing features to allow you to detect which version it is until it has been removed. Once removed, you may see two thin coloured wires hanging from the bottom of the Advent 7000 laptop display panel which will meet in a small white 'plug'. If you have these wires present then you require a CCFL screen. If not, you should order an LED panel.

Alternatively, all laptop screens should have a part number printed on one of the labels on the reverse. You can cross reference this part number with our list of compatible part numbers opposite the relevant replacement laptop screen.

All trademarks shown above are solely for identification purposes. All trademarks are acknowledged.

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