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HP Pavilion DM Laptop Chargers

The new range of laptop produced by the Hewlett-Packard Company is called the HP Pavilion DM series. On the whole we are very complementary of these new models of laptop notebook and feel that they are positive contribution to the already successful range of HP Pavilion Laptops. If you find that one day perhaps you need a replacement HP Pavilion DM3 Laptop Charger then make sure that you come to Laptop Power UK. Our selection of HP Pavilion DM laptop adapters and power supplies is strong and contains the likes of HP Pavilion DM1 and DM3 which are currently very popular modes of notebook on the market.


The below product listings refer to the HP Pavilion DM laptop adapter range Laptop Power UK can supply. Please select the appropriate option for your laptop, which can be found out by reading the information from underneath your laptop. As the country’s leading supplier of HP Pavilion DM laptop chargers you can be sure that you will be supplied with the correct product for your machine.

We ensure that our databases are maintained on a weekly basis to ensure all new laptop models on the market are included. If for any reason the HP Pavilion DM laptop power supply for your laptop is not listed below then please get in touch with us. We will almost certainly have the correct product you will require. We will be happy to resolve your query either over the phone or via email to ensure we get your laptop powered up as soon as possible. If you are having trouble identifying the exact model for your laptop we will be able to provide assistance in this situation also.

As a company Laptop Power UK aims to take the stress, hassle and uncertainty out of the process of sourcing an HP Pavilion DM laptop adaptor. Our website is designed to help technical and non-technical people alike source the correct genuine part for their laptop. Our priority is to keep the amount of time your laptop is without power to an absolute minimum. However, unlike many online sellers, we also provide an original quality laptop part that will stand the test of time and is covered by a full year product warranty.

Customers will notice that all our HP Pavilion DM laptop chargers are supplied with a free UK power cord. We do this to make sure customers can use the product we supply immediately and don’t then have to go and source a mains power lead separately. Whether you need a 2-pin or a 3-pin power cord for your HP Pavilion DM laptop adapter, you can rest assured that Laptop Power UK will supply you with the correct power cord also for your purchase.

DM-1039WM DM1 DM1-1000 DM1-1001TU
DM1-1002TU DM1-1003TU DM1-1004TU DM1-1005EF
DM1-1005SF DM1-1005TU DM1-1006TU DM1-1007TU
DM1-1008TU DM1-1009TU DM1-1010EC DM1-1010EF
DM1-1010EG DM1-1010EL DM1-1010EO DM1-1010ET
DM1-1010EV DM1-1010SA dm1-1010ss DM1-1010ST
DM1-1010TU DM1-1011TU DM1-1012TU DM1-1013TU
DM1-1014TU DM1-1015EZ DM1-1015SL DM1-1015SS
DM1-1015ST DM1-1015TU DM1-1016TU DM1-1017TU
DM1-1018TU DM1-1019TU DM1-1020EA DM1-1020ED
DM1-1020EO DM1-1020ER DM1-1020ES dm1-1020ez
DM1-1020SA DM1-1020SL DM1-1020TU DM1-1021TU
DM1-1022TU DM1-1023TU DM1-1024TU DM1-1025TU
DM1-1026TU DM1-1027TU DM1-1028TU DM1-1029TU
DM1-1030EI DM1-1030EO DM1-1030ES DM1-1030SA
DM1-1030TU DM1-1031TU DM1-1032TU dm1-1090ev
DM1-1100 DM1-1100EG DM1-1100EO DM1-1101EO
DM1-1101SA DM1-1101TU DM1-1102EA DM1-1102SA
DM1-1102TU DM1-1103EO DM1-1103TU DM1-1104TU
DM1-1105EO DM1-1105TU DM1-1106TU DM1-1107TU
DM1-1108TU DM1-1109TU DM1-1110EA DM1-1110EF
dm1-1110er DM1-1110ET DM1-1110EV DM1-1110SA
DM1-1110SS DM1-1110SW DM1-1110TU DM1-1111EA
DM1-1111TU DM1-1112TU DM1-1113TU DM1-1114TU
DM1-1115EZ DM1-1115TU DM1-1116TU DM1-1117TU
DM1-1118TU DM1-1119TU DM1-1120EC DM1-1120ED
dm1-1120ep DM1-1120EZ DM1-1120TU DM1-1121TU
DM1-1122TU DM1-1123EV DM1-1123TU DM1-1124TU
DM1-1125TU DM1-1126TU DM1-1127TU DM1-1128TU
DM1-1129TU DM1-1130TU DM1-1140SS DM1-1150SL
DM1-1190EE DM1-1200SV DM1-1250ER DM1-2000
DM1-2000EV dm1-2001au DM1-2001XX DM1-2002
DM1-2002AU DM1-2002NR DM1-2003AU DM1-2004AU
DM1-2005AU DM1-2006AU DM1-2007AU DM1-2008AU
DM1-2009AU DM1-2010AU DM1-2010ED DM1-2010NR
DM1-2010SA DM1-2010SF DM1-2010SO DM1-2011AU
dm1-2011nr DM1-2011SA DM1-2012AU dm1-2013au
DM1-2014AU DM1-2015AU DM1-2015EO DM1-2015SO
DM1-2015SZ DM1-2016AU DM1-2017SO DM1-2020EO
DM1-2030SS DM1-2040CA DM1-2050EA DM1-2050ER
DM1-2060BR DM1-2060LA DM1-2070LA dm1-2100er
DM1-2101AU DM1-2102AU dm1-2103au dm1-2104au
dm1-2105au DM1-2108AU dm1-2112ez DM1-2115SZ
dm1-2120ed DM1-2129EZ dm1-2140ca dm1-2140ef
DM1-2140EO DM1-2140LA DM1-2140SF DM1-2142SF
dm1-2150so dm1-2150ss dm1-2160la dm1-2170la
DM1-3005AU DM1-3006AU DM1-3007AU DM1-3040CA
DM1-3240CA DM1-3245CA DM1-3248CA DM1-4123CA
DM1-4230SF DM1-4269CA DM1Z dm1z-2000
DM1Z-2100 DM1Z-3000 DM3 DM3-1000
DM3-1001AU DM3-1001AX DM3-1001TU DM3-1002AU
DM3-1002AX DM3-1002TU DM3-1003AX DM3-1003TU
DM3-1003TX DM3-1004AX DM3-1004TU DM3-1004TX
DM3-1004XX DM3-1005AU DM3-1005AX DM3-1005TU
DM3-1005TX DM3-1006AU DM3-1006AX DM3-1006TX
dm3-1007au DM3-1007AX DM3-1007TU DM3-1008AX
DM3-1008EG DM3-1008TU DM3-1008TX DM3-1009AX
DM3-1009TU DM3-1009TX DM3-1010AX DM3-1010EA
DM3-1010EB DM3-1010ED DM3-1010EG DM3-1010EJ
DM3-1010EL DM3-1010EO DM3-1010ET DM3-1010EV
DM3-1010EW DM3-1010TX dm3-1011tu DM3-1011TX
DM3-1012AX DM3-1012TX DM3-1013AX DM3-1013TX
DM3-1014TU DM3-1014TX DM3-1015AX DM3-1015EB
DM3-1015EO DM3-1015TU DM3-1015TX DM3-1016AX
DM3-1016TU DM3-1016TX DM3-1017TX DM3-1018TX
DM3-1019AX DM3-1019TX dm3-1020ax DM3-1020CA
DM3-1020EA DM3-1020EB DM3-1020EC DM3-1020ED
DM3-1020EF DM3-1020EG DM3-1020EO DM3-1020ER
DM3-1020TX DM3-1021AX DM3-1021TX DM3-1022AX
DM3-1022TX DM3-1023AX DM3-1023CA DM3-1023TX
DM3-1024AX DM3-1024CA DM3-1025AX DM3-1025EZ
dm3-1025sa DM3-1026TX DM3-1027TX DM3-1028TX
DM3-1030 DM3-1030EA DM3-1030ED DM3-1030EF
DM3-1030EG DM3-1030EI DM3-1030ER DM3-1030SA
DM3-1030US DM3-1031TX DM3-1032TX DM3-1033TX
DM3-1034TX DM3-1035BR DM3-1035DX DM3-1035EF
DM3-1035EO dm3-1035tx DM3-1039 DM3-1039WM
DM3-1040 DM3-1040EF DM3-1040EG DM3-1040EI
DM3-1040EK DM3-1040EO DM3-1040EV DM3-1040EZ
DM3-1040US DM3-1044NR DM3-1047CL DM3-1047NR
DM3-1048LA DM3-1050EE DM3-1050EN DM3-1050EO
DM3-1050EP DM3-1050ER DM3-1050SS dm3-1053xx
DM3-1055EO DM3-1058NR DM3-1060EA DM3-1060EF
DM3-1060EO DM3-1060ER DM3-1060ES DM3-1060SA
DM3-1065EO DM3-1070EA DM3-1070EO DM3-1070ES
DM3-1075EO DM3-1080EF DM3-1080ES DM3-1090ES
DM3-1095ES DM3-1100 DM3-1100EB DM3-1101AU
DM3-1101AX DM3-1101TU DM3-1101TX DM3-1102AU
DM3-1102AX DM3-1102TU DM3-1102TX DM3-1103AU
DM3-1103TX DM3-1104TU DM3-1104TX DM3-1105AU
DM3-1105AX DM3-1105EA DM3-1105EW DM3-1105TU
DM3-1105TX DM3-1106AU DM3-1107AU DM3-1107AX
DM3-1107TX DM3-1108AX dm3-1108tu DM3-1109AX
DM3-1109TU DM3-1110EB DM3-1110ED DM3-1110EG
DM3-1110EJ DM3-1110EO DM3-1110EW DM3-1110TX
DM3-1111AX DM3-1111ER DM3-1111SA DM3-1112AX
DM3-1112SA DM3-1113AX DM3-1113TX DM3-1114AX
DM3-1115AX DM3-1115EG dm3-1115tx DM3-1116TX
DM3-1117AX DM3-1118TX DM3-1119AX DM3-1119TX
DM3-1120AX DM3-1120EB DM3-1120EC DM3-1120ED
DM3-1120EF DM3-1120EG DM3-1120EO DM3-1120EP
DM3-1120ES DM3-1120SA DM3-1120TX DM3-1121AX
DM3-1121EZ DM3-1121TX DM3-1122TX dm3-1123ax
DM3-1123EO DM3-1123TX DM3-1124AX DM3-1124CA
DM3-1124TX DM3-1125EO DM3-1125TX DM3-1126AX
DM3-1126TX DM3-1127EO DM3-1128EO DM3-1128TX
DM3-1129EO DM3-1129TX DM3-1130CA DM3-1130ED
DM3-1130EG DM3-1130EO DM3-1130ER DM3-1130US
DM3-1131NR DM3-1131TX DM3-1132TX DM3-1135BR
DM3-1135EO DM3-1135ER DM3-1140EI DM3-1140ER
DM3-1140ES DM3-1140EZ DM3-1140US DM3-1145ER
DM3-1148LA DM3-1150EE DM3-1150EF DM3-1150EK
DM3-1150EL DM3-1155EA DM3-1160EF dm3-1170es
DM3-1180EE DM3-1190EE DM3-1190EO DM3-2001AX
DM3-2005EO DM3-2010ED DM3-2010EO DM3-2010SA
DM3-2010SF dm3-2010u DM3-2010US DM3-2015ER
DM3-2020EO DM3-2020ER DM3-2030ER DM3-2040EA
DM3-2040EO DM3-2040SS DM3-2100ER dm3-2110sa
DM3-2130SO DM3-2132EO DM3-2150EF DM3-2150SF
DM3-2160EF DM3-2160SF DM3-3000
DM3-3004XX DM3-3010CA dm3-3010us DM3-3011NR
DM3-3012NR DM3-3027CL dm3-3110us DM3-3130CA
DM3A DM3I DM3T dm3t-1000
DM3T-1100 DM3T-1100
DM3Z dm3z-1000 DM3Z-1000
DM3Z-1100 DM3Z-1100
DM3Z-2000 DM4
dm4-1000 DM4-1000
DM4-1001TU DM4-1001TX
DM4-1002TU DM4-1002TX DM4-1003XX DM4-1004TU
DM4-1004TX DM4-1004XX DM4-1005TU DM4-1005TX
DM4-1006TU DM4-1006TX DM4-1008TU DM4-1008TX
dm4-1009tu DM4-1009TX DM4-1010EG DM4-1010TU
DM4-1010TX DM4-1011TX DM4-1012TX DM4-1013TX
DM4-1014TX dm4-1016tx DM4-1017TX DM4-1018TX
DM4-1019TX DM4-1020TX DM4-1021TX DM4-1022TX
DM4-1023TX DM4-1024TX DM4-1027TX DM4-1028TX
DM4-1029TX DM4-1030EZ DM4-1030TX DM4-1031TX
DM4-1032TX DM4-1033TX DM4-1034TX DM4-1035TX
DM4-1036TX DM4-1040TX dm4-1041tx DM4-1042TX
DM4-1043TX DM4-1045TX DM4-1046TX DM4-1047TX
dm4-1048tx DM4-1050CA DM4-1050EA DM4-1050ET
DM4-1050SO DM4-1050SS dm4-1055br DM4-1060
DM4-1060EA DM4-1060EE DM4-1060SF DM4-1060SS
DM4-1060US DM4-1062NR DM4-1063CL DM4-1063HE
DM4-1065DX DM4-1070EE DM4-1070EF DM4-1070SF
DM4-1075BR DM4-1080EA DM4-1080EE DM4-1080SF
DM4-1090EE DM4-1090LA DM4-1095BR dm4-1100
DM4-1100EE DM4-1100EG dm4-1100eg
DM4-1100SE DM4-1101EA DM4-1101EE DM4-1101TX
DM4-1102TU DM4-1102TX DM4-1103TU DM4-1103TX
DM4-1106TX DM4-1107TX DM4-1108TX DM4-1109TX
DM4-1110EW DM4-1110TX DM4-1111TX DM4-1112TX
DM4-1113TX DM4-1114TX DM4-1116TX DM4-1117TX
DM4-1118TX DM4-1119TX DM4-1120TX DM4-1121TX
DM4-1122TX DM4-1123TX DM4-1124TX DM4-1125TX
DM4-1140EZ DM4-1140SA DM4-1150CA DM4-1150EA
DM4-1150ED DM4-1150EE DM4-1150ES DM4-1150SS
DM4-1155EE DM4-1155SS DM4-1160EO DM4-1160US
DM4-1162SF DM4-1162US DM4-1164NR DM4-1165DX
DM4-1165EO DM4-1170SF DM4-1173CL DM4-1177EE
DM4-1180EF DM4-1180ET DM4-1180LA DM4-1180SF
DM4-1190LA DM4-1201TU DM4-1201TX DM4-1202TU
DM4-1203TU DM4-1205TX DM4-1206TX DM4-1207TX
DM4-1209TX DM4-1210TX DM4-1211TX DM4-1212TX
DM4-1213TX DM4-1217TX DM4-1218TX DM4-1219TX
DM4-1221TX DM4-1250CA DM4-1253CL dm4-1265dx
DM4-1273CA dm4-1277sb dm4-1300 dm4-1301eg
dm4-2000 dm4-2000sg
DM4-2100SL DM4-2110ES DM4-2153CA DM4-3070CA
DM4T DM4T-1000 DM4T-1000
DM4T-1200 DM788A DM788AR DM790A
DM790AR DM791A DM791AR DM793A

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