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Explore our comprehensive range of Advent chargers and power adapters

Advent laptop chargers and power supplies can be replaced with ease at Laptop Power UK. The majority of customers will have purchased their Advent laptop from PC World, and if you have ended up browsing our website, the chances are your previous power cable has failed, been lost, stolen or eaten by a pet. Whilst annoying Laptop Power UK can make the process of sourcing a premium quality replacement Advent charger straight-forward and affordable. Some of the most common Advent adapters requested are the Advent Roma 1000 charger and the Advent 9117 power supply. Whichever model of machine you have within the series we will have the corresponding power cable. Also rest assured, that unlike many sellers online, all our products are genuine Delta chargers - thus guaranteeing that our replacement charger will exceed the specification of the previous item you were supplied with (which was most likely a Li Shin adapter).

1000 2000 3000 4000
430 5000 6000 7000
7555 GX 8000 8555 GX 9000
Advent Altro DHE Eclipse
Elite K KC550P MD
Milano MiNote Modena Monza
N PA-1121-02 Q Quantum
Roma 1000 Roma 1001 Roma 2000 Roma 2001
Roma 3000 Roma 3001 Roma 4001 Sienna
T T100 T200 Verona

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