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Acer Aspire Screen Replacements – Is it an Economic Repair?

Acer have been busy released some great laptops under their Acer Aspire brand name.  The laptops have generally been receiving some great reviews, primarily in terms of their chassis design, screen quality and price point.  Acer have positioned themselves towards the lower end of the market, leaving Sony and Samsung to slug it out in the +£1000 laptop price category. 

 Given Acer’s pricing of its Acer Aspire laptop series, these laptops can tend to receive a hard time from their owners which can result in laptop damage.  Laptop Power UK has noticed that a lot of Acer Aspire Laptop screens are getting cracked.  The question is, is it worth repairing the cracked screen or are you wasting your time?

 The good news is that in the vast majority of cases a cracked or faulty Acer Aspire laptop screen is an economic repair worth performing.  If your laptop cost you in the region of £400, as a rough rule of thumb it should cost in the region of £100-£119 for you to get the screen repaired.  Laptop Power UK stock the entire range of laptop screens, and our technicians will start working on your screen replacement the moment it comes through our doors. We pride ourselves on having the quickest turnaround on laptop repairs anywhere in Europe due to (i) our skilled and trained technicians and (ii) the most comprehensive range of laptop replacement parts across all major laptop brands throughout Europe.

 Laptops have brought a lot of benefits to people: they are portable, you can watch films on them, they are great for university students who want to work in multiple locations.  But there is no getting away from the fact that laptops are fragile pieces of equipment which can result in laptop maintenance being required.  Make sure that you service your laptop with a reputable repair network, since it shouldn’t be a stressful or complex process to get your laptop fixed.  All you need is (1) A skilful technician (2) The compatible replacement laptop part in stock and (3) A company that has access to high quality durable laptop replacement parts.  Don’t waste time with corner shops who won’t even give you a VAT receipt, come to Laptop Power UK and get the top done right, first time, and get your repaired laptop returned and up and working the very next day.

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