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Acer make a strong advance into the 17.3” laptop space

During 2009/2010 Acer have released an unrivalled number of laptops targeting the user after a large laptop screen.  Such products have been released under the Acer 7000 series and the Acer 8000 series of laptops.  These Acer laptops have all be made with a 17.3” LED laptop screen and an accompanying 90w laptop charger.  Some of the peripheral products for this series of laptops that will be in heavy demand are the Acer Aspire 7540 laptop charger and the Acer Aspire 7315 screen

 The plethora of 17.3” laptops being released by Acer is being seen by market commentators as Acer’s attempt to satisfy the recent demands from UK consumers to use their laptop more interactively and beyond standard ‘word processing’.  People now wish to watch music videos, use web cams, playing online gaming and view photos.  For such demanding uses, many people need a screen which is larger than the now standard 15.6” screen. 

 The entire range of Acer Aspire laptop screens, many of which are now 17.3” screens within their new laptops.  The laptop chargers that power these larger 17.3” laptops are 90w as opposed to the 65w chargers that have traditionally be used to power the 15.4” and 15.6” Acer Aspire laptops.  These chargers are rated 19v 4.74a, and users should be careful not to use a 65w Acer charger on these machines as it will not be sufficient and will damage the laptop charger. Get in contact with Laptop Power UK and our technical team will offer you the best advice in the laptop industry.

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