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Apple continues to lead from the front

New iPhone 4 seeks to provide the best handset on the market

 More than a thousand people queued outside Apple’s flagship London store for the launch of the iPhone 4 to mark the arrival of the latest, most technologically advanced handset available on the market. Apple continues to leave competitors baffled as it carries on pushing technological boundaries to the limit to supply the most hi-tech products around. At laptop power UK we aim to provide the latest information on the most modern pieces of technology on the market.

 The iPhone4 offers over 100 new features but it claims to be much more than just an update, with the functionality of the handset being significantly improved. The sleeker, flatter, squarer design makes the new iPhone look stylish and remarkably modern. It comes in either 16GB or 32GB flash drives with prices ranging from £499 to £599. The main body consists of titanium giving the handset a fresh look, with the screen made of glass which is ultra durable and more scratch resistant than ever. The addition of the front facing video camera adds a whole new dimension, giving users the ability to video call. However the lack of FM radio has caused disruption among some of the new users who fail to see why the new devise could lack such a fundamental component. The Retina display and the phone’s ability to shoot and edit moving footage is particularly impressive. Engineers have developed pixels so small that the human eye can’t distinguish individual pixels resulting in texts looking remarkably sharp and graphics being incredibly vivid. Apple engineers have designed the A4 processor chip in the newest handset to be a remarkably powerful, allowing various multitasking tasks to be undertaken. The casing is made of stainless steel which while making the handset look elegant, also serves as its antenna. This band also provides the handset with structural rigidity and allows it to be incredibly thin. However recent complaints have suggested this band prevents disrupts reception meaning in certain circumstances the iPhone4 can be unreliable.

Some claim there is little to differentiate between previous models and that apart from being faster, it is hard to perceive the differences between an iPhone4 and iPhone 3GS. However the iPhone4 feels sturdier than the 3GS and is almost 25 percent thinner. The metal buttons give it a heftier feel-less of a toy-than all previous generations attracting the attention of businessmen who want to look the part. Unlike the previous handsets, the new iPhone model will have volume controls on the side of the phone along with an accessible microSIM tray and a battery with the capability to provide up to 300 hours on standby.

Laptop Power UK doesn’t just offer quality and reliable laptop repair services, but also cheap iPhone repair services. The new Laptop Power UK flagship store will soon be opening in Liverpool, Hunts Cross, at the beginning of July, providing excellent service at competitive prices.

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