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Toshiba Compatible Satellite Pro

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Toshiba Satellite Pro chargers and mains leads – UK demand soars as online retailers report the range being amongst their Christmas best sellers

Toshiba seem to have made a really successful transition from their Satellite brand onto their Toshiba Satellite Pro brand of laptop. Fortunately for Laptop Power UK, the Toshiba Satellite Pro chargers are the same as the previous Satellite chargers, so we haven’t had to stock any further product skews.

As we have been selling these products in one form or another for some years now, our staff know the technical aspects of our compatible Toshiba Satellite Pro adapters like the back of our hand. You will be glad to know that all our power cables are guaranteed to charge your laptop battery, unlike some of the inferior ac adapters on the market.


12 Month Warrant on Satellite Pro Adaptors

Before buying a Satellite Pro power adapter, you should think about what may have caused the problem with your previous power cable. Obviously if your old ac adaptor was simply lost then a replacement compatible item is going to do the trick. However a lot of Satellite Pro Chargers need to be changed because of user error and customer misuse. A lot of customers don’t turn of their laptop ac adapter off at night when they go to bed which means the power cable is working overtime all night long. Needless to say this isn’t great for the life of your battery charger.

Another bad idea for your Satellite Pro adaptor is using it suspended in mid-air which put a great stress on the charger’s wires and over time it will break. The last common mistake is wrapping the cables around the body of the adapter which again is not ideal for the wires of your Satellite Pro ac adapter. Just looking after the item that little bit more can make sure your replacement charger last as long as it should do – which is for the full life of the corresponding laptop.
Toshiba Compatible
200 2000 2100 3000
400 4000 4360 4600
6000 6300 6600 A10
A100 A120 A200 A210
A30 A300 A300D A40
A50 A50 Series A60 C50 Series
C650 C650D C660 C660D
C70 Series C850 C855 C870
L10 L100 L20 L30
L300 L300D L350 L40
L450 L450D L50 Series L500
L500D L510 L550 L630
L640 L650 L670 L70 Series
L740 L770 L775 L830
L850 L870 M10 M15
M30 M300 M40 M40X
M50 M70 NB10 P100
P200 P200HD P300 P300D
R40 R50 R840 R850
R950 S200 S300 S300L
S500 SP6100 T110 T130
T230 U200 U300 U400

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